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Raymond Park Middle School Students Deal with No Air conditioning

The last day of school is not until June 4.

INDIANAPOLIS -- More than 600 middle school students had to sit through 90-degree heat on Monday after sweating it out at their school because the air conditioners are broken.

The HVAC system at Raymond Park Middle School was supposed to be fixed in April - when there's typically no need for heat or air conditioning - but the freezing temperatures last month delayed the work. 

For now, administrators are setting up fans and moving classes into cooler rooms. They've also eased up the dress code to allow students to wear comfier clothing. 

They're also urging students to stay hydrated with water bottles from home and to remember to wear deodorant. 

Sixth-grader Lily Merriman says it was so hot in the school that one of her classmates got sick. 

"I turned around and there was this kid, he was throwing up in the trashcan," said Lilly. "It was a good thing that he made it but he was throwing up in the trashcan because he was too hot."

A spokesperson for Warren Township Schools says the repairs now are underway to the schools HVAC system but they could take several weeks. 

"I can't even imagine what kind of learning they're doing in 90 even 100-degree temperatures," said mother Chelsea Merriman. "The school was not made for no AC. So the windows are small. The class did retreat it downstairs where it was cooler but it was still scorching hot."

The last day of school for Raymond Park Middle School students is June 4.  



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