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Record Store Day: The Look, The Feel, The Sound

Hoosier record stores celebrate the comeback of vinyl records with exclusive releases.

INDIANAPOLIS--Record stores across Indiana are celebrating non-digital music, especially vinyl records, on Record Store Day, which is Saturday. The manager of Indy CD and Vinyl, Carl Byers, said he's glad to see vinyl record sales at record levels.

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"A lot of people will often come in the shop and say, is vinyl back? Which our answer is always, and it's the truth, it never left. It basically was kept alive by a lot of independent labels," said Byers.

He said the store has been participating in Record Store Day, since it started in 2007. The record industry offers exclusive releases only in participating stores for the day.

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"This was a great way to start bringing the medium to a larger audience," he said. "It's gotten to the point where, through a lot of hard work, through independent mom and pop shops like ourselves, pretty much every release on major labels and indy labels is being pressed on vinyl again."

He said vinyl sales are the biggest they've ever been, based on industry numbers.

Byers said that includes local bands, who sometimes go through the expense to have a vinyl edition pressed. He said the store offers those releases, sometimes on consignment.

He said that even if it's just a fad, and sales go back down, "we'll still be here", for the same reason that many people are into vinyl records now-they love the feel, the look and especially the sound.

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