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Remains Exhumed From Clarksville Cemetery Won't Be Reburied There

Archaeologists excavated 17 graves at Stewart-Emery Cemetery to prepare for road work. Town officials say the remains will need to be reburied somewhere else.

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. --  Remains removed from a centuries-old cemetery in Clarksville will probably be buried somewhere else.

In June, archaeologists excavated 17 graves from the Stewart-Emery Cemetery on Blackiston Mill Road in preparation for a road-widening project. The exhumation was part of an environmental process required by state and federal law, according to The News and Tribune.

The remains date from 1830 to 1900. Archaeologists were initially able to identify one man, one woman and a small child.

Town officials originally hoped the remains could be reinterred at the cemetery, but Town Manager Kevin Baity says that probably won’t be possible.

Baity told The News and Tribune that the only people with authority over burials at the cemetery are the descendants of the cemetery’s last known owner, and no one knows who – or where – those people may be. The last known deed for the cemetery was filed in the 1920s.

Town officials are now looking for a new burial site, but they have not said how long that process will take.

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