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Report Shows Many Marion County Residents Denied Housing

Everyone should have the right to find housing without facing discrimination based on income, but many families are being denied that right in Marion County.
A recent audit conducted by the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana reveals high refusal rates for Hoosiers seeking housing with housing choice vouchers.

Amy Nelson, Executive Director , says “the fact that they are shut out of so many neighborhoods, due to the very voucher which is in place to give them more housing options, is disheartening.”

 This was the first such audit in Indiana--and it evaluated the scope of this currently lawful form of housing discrimination and its impact on housing choice.  

How bad it is? The audit showed that those using vouchers faced denial rates of 82%. In areas that are predominantly white, home seekers with vouchers faced refusal rates of 90%.   

“At a 90% refusal rate, a Section 8 voucher holder would need to make 10 calls before finding a housing provider willing to accept their use of his or her voucher in the majority white areas.  This is a daunting task for a housing search and an extremely time consuming and frustrating one,” continued Nelson.

A proposal to add source of income housing protection passed the Indianapolis City-County Rules and Public Policy Committee Tuesday night.  It goes to the full council in December.

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