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Representative Jim Banks Weighs in On Tax Reform and Military Spending

Banks spoke on those topics at a news conference in Washington Tuesday morning.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--The military should never be a political tool, said Rep. Jim Banks (R-3rd. Dist, Ft. Wayne), at a news conference in Washington, Tuesday morning. He is the member of Congress most recently deployed and said he saw a lot of what reduced spending on the military has done to both morale and training.

"I'm hopeful we can build on the momentum from what we've achieved from tax reform by focusing on another very important priority for my district and that's rebuilding the military," said Banks. "I saw first hand our military's readiness crisis."

Banks said 80 service members died in training incidents, while only 21 were killed by enemies.

"While some in Congress are arguing over unrelated issues and holding hostage the funding our armed services need, lives are at risk. Funding our military should never be a political tool."

Congress is getting ready to pass another bill to keep the government from shutting down. But, neither Democrats nor Republicans have come up with a more permanent spending plan. Banks indicated he wants to see more money for the military as part of such a plan.

"I urge my Democrat colleagues to do the right thing and give our military the resources that they need. Each day that Congress fails to provide these resources is another day our enemies increase their capabilities and put our men and women at risk."

Banks also spoke about tax reform, saying Hoosiers are benefiting from the recent tax cuts. He said people are getting bigger checks, businesses are expanding and reinvesting.

"Just last week a company in my district, 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics in Bluffton, Ind., announced it's raising wages for every single one of its employees because of tax reform."

Banks said, "What may be crumbs to some, is not to working class Hoosiers."


(PHOTO: Office of Jim Banks)


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