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Revenue Commissioner Adam Krupp Resigns To Run For Attorney General

Krupp joins two other Republicans in the race.

INDIANAPOLIS -- State Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Krupp is stepping down from that role to run for Attorney General.

The Republican, originally from Plymouth in Marshall County, now lives in Zionsville. Being the top guy at the Department of Revenue means he's good with numbers, but he has also been a practicing lawyer in the private sector in the past, experience he told Indy Politics makes him right for the job.

"The cases that I worked on and the skills that we developed were everything from bankruptcy, to breach-of-contract, to anti-trust investigations," Krupp said. "I've been watching and learning the process and I've engaged with the office of Attorney General."

Krupp has been the commissioner of the Indiana Department of Revenue under Gov. Mitch Daniels, Gov. Mike Pence, and Gov. Eric Holcomb. 

Krupp acknowledges the bad taste in everyone's mouth about the Office of Attorney General given the recent legal troubles current Attorney General Curtis Hill finds himself at the center of. Over the last two years, he has been dealing with accusations of drunkenly groping four women at a bar in downtown Indianapolis.

Prosecutors found no criminal wrongdoing, but his law license hangs in the balance as the State Supreme Court reviews the case.

"This process will run its course," Krupp said of the matter. "I'm looking forward to some closure from this. I think delegates and voters are too."

With Krupp adding his name to the list, he is one of three Republicans vying for the GOP nomination to run for Attorney General in November. John Westercamp, also an attorney from Zionsville, is the third Republican on the ticket.

One of the three men will be chosen from a convention of delegates in the May primary. That nominee will then challenge whoever is awarded the Democrat nomination, which will either be State Sen. Karen Tallian or Jonathan Weinzahpel, current chancellor of Ivy Tech's Evansville campus.

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