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Rolls Royce Indy Could Build New B-52 Engines

The company must get an Air Force contract to secure the money for the new jobs.

INDIANAPOLIS--The new Rolls Royce F130 engine may be built in Indianapolis. The Monday announcement was also that 150 people would be added to help build the engine. The Indianapolis facility is competing for a U.S. Air Force contract to be selected to build the engines for B-52 bombers.

The B-52 re-engining program will include 650 new engines for the iconic B-52 strategic bomber fleet. If selected, Rolls-Royce will add more than 150 new manufacturing, engineering, program management and similar jobs in Indianapolis, said a news release from Rolls Royce. 

The program would provide a boost to an existing, widespread U.S. supply chain, and the majority of the F130 parts would be produced in the United States.

“Our ultra-modern, advanced manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis are the perfect location to produce, assemble, and test the Rolls-Royce F130 engine for the U.S. Air Force B-52 program," said Tom Bell, Rolls Royce president for Defense. "Rolls-Royce North America continues to invest heavily in advanced manufacturing and technology at our Indianapolis site, making it one of the most efficient and modern facilities anywhere in the aerospace world."

”Just as Indianapolis is the perfect choice for this new assembly line, the Rolls-Royce F130 engine is the perfect fit for the B-52 aircraft – an American-made engine which is powerful, affordable, efficient and proven. We look forward to working with the Air Force and Boeing to keep the engine modernization program low-risk and affordable through our advanced digital capabilities.”

"We are confident that, if selected, Indiana’s skilled and dedicated workforce will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the B-52 re-engining program, helping our U.S. armed forces take flight for generations to come,” said Elaine Bedel, president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Indianapolis is the largest Rolls-Royce engineering, design and manufacturing site in the U.S., with multiple military contracts.

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