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Sen. Todd Young Praises Tax Reform Ahead of Tax Day

Young spoke on the Senate floor Wednesday to highlight some of the stories he's heard from Hoosiers benefiting from tax reform.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Tax day is next Monday. 

You have until midnight that day to file your taxes with the IRS. Sen. Todd Young was on the floor of the Senate Wednesday talking about what Hoosiers have told him about how they are benefiting from tax reform.

"Since Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, 3.2 million jobs have been created," Young said. "Our 3.8-percent unemployment rate is at a 50 year low and the unemployment rate for women matches the lowest rate since 1953."

Young highlighted several stories of Hoosiers he's talked to who he says are "taking home more of their hard earned money." He also said more businesses are investing in their employees which in turn is creating more jobs.

If you can't get your taxes filed by the midnight deadline Monday you can file for a six-month extension with the IRS. 

(PHOTO: Screen Capture of video/Sen. Todd Young's office)

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