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Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett As 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge

Democrats raised questions about her Catholic faith in debate, something that Republicans call ridiculous

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Senate has confirmed a University of Notre Dame Law Professor to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Prof. Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by a 55-43 vote in the Senate Tuesday afternoon. Her confirmation was sent to the full Senate by an 11-to-9 party line vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The resounding issue in debate over her confirmation was raised by Democrats, who feel her Catholic faith might hinder her ability to effectively do her job on the bench. Republicans responded calling those claims by Democrats a "religious test", something that is strictly forbidden per the U.S. Constitution.

"Professor Barrett's credentials are well-known. A mother of 7 children. A distinguished legal scholar at Notre Dame law school. Impeccable jurisprudential and legal credentials. Unfortunately, some of my colleagues on the left have made an issue, not of Barrett's but instead of her Catholic faith," Young said on the Senate floor.

Barrett received her Bachelors Degree from Rhodes College in Memphis and later graduated from the Notre Dame School of Law, where she became a professor of law. 

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