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Severe Weather Possible Sunday, And Yes, It Can Happen in the Fall

Rough storms are possible anytime there's maild air and colder air coming in on top of it.

STATE WIDE--Severe weather is possible Sunday evening and Sunday night, as a cold front moves into Indiana on top of the warm front that is keeping highs in the 60s today and tomorrow.

"There's a cold front that'll be coming through Sunday night, and so thunderstorms will be expected, especially Sunday evening," said John Hendrickson, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Indianapolis.

The Weather Service "Hazardous Weather Outlook" says severe storms with hail, strong winds, and even isolated tornadoes will be possible, especially across the western half of the state.

Hendrickson said that even though you may be used to hearing about severe weather in the spring, it can occur any time of the year.

"It's usually associated with a frontal system coming in and an unstable air mass," he said. 

He said that some times there can be a secondary severe weather season in November.

"It's nothing like what they get in the Spring months. But, there have been cases where there has been an episode of severe weather that occurs around November. This time of year because we don't get as much sunshine, the air masses are not as unstable. But, a lot of times your weather systems, like your fronts, are stronger," said Hendricks.

With highs above average and colder weather on the way, it could make for rough weather Sunday.

"When you get a cold front coming through and very mild temperatures, that's the best chances of severe weather."

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