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Sikh Leader Apologizes for Temple Fight in Greenwood

Grinder Singh Khalsa says Sikhs all over America are condemning the brawl.

GREENWOOD, Ind.--A fight at a Sikh temple in Greenwood over the weekend has the leader of an Indiana Sikh group apologizing. About 150 people were involved in the brawl, which was over temple elections and politics.

"Sikhs across the nation are condemning this embarrassing behavior, which goes against everything we believe in," said Grinder Singh Khalsa, chairman of SikhsPAC, which he says represents 10,000 Sikhs in Indiana. "This is not what Sikhs stand for."

Khalsa made a YouTube video, which was distributed to media Thursday.

"Sikh values are American values. We are peace-loving people who believe in selfless service to humanity, with love and compassion," said Khalsa. "This reminds me of a great quote from Mother Theresa. She once said, what you spend years building, somebody could destroy overnight, and that is exactly what has happened."

He called it an isolated incident, and said Sikhs in Indiana are "committed to positive, peaceful and productive lives, now and in the future".


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