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Sirens Or Weather Radios? Which One Is Better At Keeping You Safe?

Some think tornado sirens are out dated, saying weather radios and smart phones are the best way to notify you of severe weather. Weather radios that do more than you might think.

STATEWIDE -- Are tornado sirens outdated? On TV Meteorologist said "yes" at the Central Indiana Severe Weather Symposium to kick off Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana

"This is a product of WWI," said Meteorologist James Spann. "It's something that you could never hear inside a house or a church. You may hear one on a sunny day but at four in the morning and in a raging storm, that will never wake your family up."

However some aren't so sure. Like Shane Booker, Director of Emergency Management in Hamilton County, who agrees that it's tough to hear a tornado siren from inside your house. But what about those who are outside when severe weather hits? 

"I don't know if they're outdated because we have so many outdoor activities anymore," Booker said. "I do think it's important for people to have multiple ways to receive the warnings."

Booker says weather radios are nearly a must for anyone to have in their home these days. Weather radios that aren't just for receiving watches and warnings in the event of severe weather.

"It can to a lot of other things," Booker added. "I've seen it used for boil water advisories, shelter in place, and evacuations. It really is an 'all hazards' radio."

Booker says a weather radio will go off even if there is some sort of chemical spill in the immediate area of you house, for example. 

With the first day of spring passing this week, Booker says this is the ideal time for you to purchase a weather radio for you home, while also going over an emergency strategy with you family in case severe weather or a tornado hit you community.

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