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Some State Parks Closed Monday, Tuesday for Deer Hunts

Nearly 20 state parks -- including Fort Harrison -- will be temporarily closed for DNR-backed deer hunts.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Nearly 20 Indiana state parks, nature areas, and recreation areas -- including Fort Harrison State Park -- will be closed Monday and Tuesday for the first of two controlled deer hunts.

If left unchecked, the deer population can grow too large and damage the habitats in Indiana's state parks. To combat this, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has scheduled two "controlled deer reductions" for November.

The first reduction effort is on Monday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 13. A second hunt is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 26 and Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Sites closing temporarily for the deer hunts are: Brown County, Chain O’Lakes, Clifty Falls, Fort Harrison, Harmonie, Indiana Dunes, Lincoln, Ouabache, Potato Creek, Prophetstown, Shades, Shakamak, Summit Lake, Tippecanoe River, Turkey Run, Versailles and Whitewater Memorial state parks, as well as Cave River Valley Natural Area and Trine State Recreation Area.

All participating state parks properties will re-open Wednesday morning.

These deer reduction efforts are not open to the public; only individuals selected from the state-run draw may participate. Information about 2019 state park deer reductions, including online applications, will be available next summer at the Indiana DNR website. Click here to find out more.

(Photo by Jay Morgan/Getty.)

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