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St. Elmo's Fire: Shrimp Eating Champ Chestnut Ready to Win Again

He's eaten anything from hot dogs to slugburgers and says the key is breathing and rhythm.

NOTE: 93WIBC's Jason Hammer is competing in the local contest.

INDIANAPOLIS--The World Famous St. Elmo's Shrimp Cocktail Eating Contest is Saturday on Georgia St. Joey Chestnut, the world champ for four years in a row, has learned to stand some really hot cocktail sauce.

"It's a lot of just finding the rhythm and getting all of those muscles to work together and getting the food down as fast as possible," said Chestnut, who's also a world champion hot dog eater and has even eaten such exotic items as the slugburger in Mississippi (it does not involve slugs).

"I remember the first time I tried the cocktail sauce, I thought, oh my God. Is this a bad joke? It hit so hard!"

Chestnut said he eventually found the rhythm, and has gotten better every year.

"Once you get used to the flavor and the heat, you can find a rhythm and control your breathing and do the same thing over and over again."

Chestnut said last year he ate 15 lbs. of shrimp cocktail in eight minutes. That equals 45 orders, or 250 shrimp.

His competitor wasn't far behind, either, with over 14 lbs.

"I enjoy the competition. I like somebody pushing me to a new limit."

PHOTO: Hammer and Nigel/Emmis

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