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State Police: Search For Delphi Killer Has Not Expanded to Tennessee

The Bledsoe Co. Sheriff's Department had posted on Facebook that the FBI had expanded its search to their area. But, that posted has since been deleted and replaced with another clarifying the search is nationwide.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The search for the Delphi killer has not expanded into southeastern Tennessee, as previously reported by the Bledsoe Co. Sheriff's Department. 

The Bledsoe County Sheriff's Department, in southeastern Tennessee, said on Facebook early Monday morning that the search for the Delphi killer or killers had expanded to their area.

That post, which has since been removed, has been replaced with another post saying the investigation is nationwide.

The search for the person(s) responsible for the death of Liberty German and Abigail Williams has not expanded to Tennessee, Bursten told WIBC news.

"The family has been sharing their poster with law enforcement across the nation," Bursten explained. "The verbiage by the [Bledsoe County, Tenn.] Sheriff's Department is not representative of any specific tip in that area."

Meanwhile, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter and family members of Abby Williams and Libby German appearance on NBC's "Megyn Kelley Today" on Monday to discuss the search for the killer in the case.

(Photo by Indiana State Police/RTV6.)

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