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State Police Take To The Sky To Catch Speeders

ISP Sgt. Joe Watts says troopers are using airplanes to catch speeders on roadways in western Indiana

PUTNAMVILLE, Ind. -- Indiana State Police in western Indiana are bringing back an old strategy that you may have forgotten about. 

State police Sgt. Joe Watts say troopers are using airplanes to catch you if you're speeding. He says the targeted roadway is U.S. 40 between Indianapolis and Terre Haute as well as portions of U.S 41 between Terre Haute and Evansville.

"A computer system in the plane clocks the speed. He then radio's down to where the troopers on the ground are staged," Sgt. Watts explains. "The pilot then follows the trooper to make sure the trooper gets the right car that the pilot is calling out."

Watts says the strategy has been around since the 1960's but it has rarely been used up until recently. He says in the five times they have used it in the last five weeks, troopers have issued over 100 speeding citations along with another 150 warnings.

He says drivers react differently as well when they tell them how they were caught.

"They take an aircraft detail much better than they do moving radar," said Watts. "For whatever reasons. You know I think they're just intrigued we're using aircraft. It's something out of the norm."

Watts advises that you always adhere to the posted speed limit no matter where you're driving. 

(PHOTO: Portland Press Herald/Getty Images)

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