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Stolen Veteran Service Dog Found on Indy's Southeast Side

An SUV owned by the Whitner family was stolen with the dog, Wrigley, inside it Tuesday. The truck was found Tuesday. Wrigley was found Wednesday night.

INDIANAPOLIS--A veteran service dog reported stolen from a U.S. Marine Corps veteran earlier this week was found on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

The dog, Wrigley, was reported missing Tuesday when Lana and Tim Whitner's SUV was stolen at a southwest Indianapolis truck stop. Lana and Tim Whitner are Wrigley's owners. Lana is the Marine Corps veteran. Wrigley was inside the SUV at the time of the theft. The SUV was found Tuesday night, but Wrigley was still missing until Wednesday night.

When searching for him wasn't working, the Whitner's laid one of their shirts in an area where Wrigley had been seen and he ended up finding them based on the scent of the shirts. 

Wrigley was found on Southern Avenue near Arlington Avenue Wednesday night.  IMPD says someone saw him and called the police. Wrigley was scared, but police say he ran to his owners after some encouragement.

IMPD showed the reunion between Wrigley and Tim Whitner.

Whitner and her family says they were passing through Indianapolis on their move from Illinois to Florida and had stopped to get gas when someone jumped into their truck and took off at the Flying J Truck Stop on West Thompson Road on the south side Tuesday afternoon. 

Wrigley is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Lana Turner says Wrigley has been instrumental in helping her deal with seizures and debilitating migraines. 

The Turners said they were going to get some rest Wednesday and get back on the road Thursday. 



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