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Tax Scams: No, The IRS Won't Call to Tell You You're Going to Be Arrested

Some of the scammers are so obvious it's laughable. But, the AG's office says some Hoosiers are getting fooled.

STATE WIDE--Your phone rings. You look at the ID and it says "Jamaica". When you answer, it's a robot voice that says you owe the IRS and they have an arrest warrant. Guess what? It's a scam. You probably already knew that. But, the Indiana Attorney General's office wants to keep Hoosiers from being victimized.

"Most tax scams that are being reported are related to individuals that claim they are getting calls from the Internal Revenue Service, indicating they are being threatened with law enforcement coming to their homes or lawsuits being filed, or that they are going to be arrested," said Betsy DeNardi, director of the Consumer Protection Division for the Office of the Attorney General.

She said some scams in the past have involved someone asking a business for all of their W2s, "so that they would be able to file tax returns on behalf of individuals," said DeNardi.

She said if the IRS or the Indiana Dept. of Revenue has a concern about your taxes, they typically won't call you. You'll get a letter.

"The IRS does have outside, third party collectors who work with them to assist in collecting outstanding tax debt, and they may contact you  by phone. But, they will not be contacting you and threatening you with arrest," said DeNardi.

She said if you get one of those calls, you can give your complaints to their office, so they can forward it to the federal government.

"Most of these scams are going on outside the United States, so our jurisdiction is limited and we can't actually go after those scammers," said DeNardi. But, if you complain, the federal government will have the info.

If you believe you have been the victim of a tax-related or any other type of scam, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General can help. Go to or call 1-800-382-5516 to make a complaint.  

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