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Telling the Story: An Indiana Mom Loses Two Sons to Opioids

Three years ago, Nick and Jack Savage died the same night. Their mom wants people to know what happened so they can make better decisions.

GRANGER, Ind.--Two young men made a bad choice after a graduation party in 2015. Nick and Jack Savage, of Granger, both died of opioid overdoses in the same night. Their mom is telling their story and hopes that sharing will help keep other people alive.

Becky Savage said she and her sons went to graduation parties and came home. 

"The next morning I was collecting laundry out of Jack's room and I remember talking to him and he wasn't responding," she said. "When I went over to to awaken him, that's when our nightmare actually began. Jack was unresponsive. I started calling for Nick, who I knew was at home with friends, sleeping in our basement."

Savage, a nurse, started CPR while she was on the phone with 911. She said Nick's friends went to wake him up when they heard his mother's frantic calls, and he was in the same condition.

"The paramedics came over into our house and took over the resuscitation attempts on Jack. I remember watching a paramedic leave the resuscitation attempt on Jack and head downstairs," said Savage. "I remember yelling at him and screaming at him, like where are you going? Why are you quitting? He's a fighter."

Savage didn't realize there was a 911 call also coming from her basement. Nick's friends called 911.

Neither Jack or Nick made it. They both died of opioid overdoses.

When asked how she made it through both of her sons' deaths from the same thing, on the same night, Savage responded, "You know, it's still a day to day struggle. Obviously Nick and Jack were a huge part of our lives and a huge part of the heart of our family."

She said Nick and Jack had two younger siblings.

"I think my husband and I just made a decision to focus on them. They still deserve to have a good life," said Savage.

She said her sons were not bad people.

"Nick and Jack were wonderful people, smart kids who had goals. And, they made a bad choice at a graduation party."

You'll read tomorrow how the two young men are continuing to speak to Hoosiers and what happened when the police investigated the ODs.

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