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Three People In Advance Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver

The man arrested may have had pot and three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

ADVANCE, Ind. -- A man chased down a drunk driver who hit three people and stopped him in Boone County last night. 

David Nickle saw what happened from his house and ran to help. A Chevy Cavalier had hit two adults and one child in the arms of one of the two adult women who were walking along Maple Street in Advance and the driver of that car didn't stop.

Two other kids who were in strollers were not hit.

"I’ve got to stop him," Nickle recalled to WISH-TV. "He just hit a lady with two kids in her stroller. The lady next to her is screaming and hollering. I’m not going to let anyone get hurt."

Nickle said he ran after Kenneth Long on foot, jumped into through the car window while the car was still in motion and grabbed the key out of the ignition, forcing Long to stop. Neighbor's called 911.

Sheriff's deputies showed up and arrested Long.

"Preliminary blood and urine results show Long may have been driving his vehicle with marijuana in his system combined with a blood alcohol content of over three times the legal limit," the sheriff’s office said.

The people who were hit, Melody Thomas, the wife of Advance Town Marshal Brad Thomas; her daughter Jenna, Jenna’s child and Melody’s two other grandchildren, only sustained minor injuries and will be okay.

PHOTO: Boone Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

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