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Tolls: Who Can Make Them Happen and Where They Won't Happen

Gov. Holcomb says there are parts of the state that should be immune to paying tolls.

STATE HOUSE--If tolls happen in Indiana, the governor will ultimately say where and when they happen. One place they probably will not happen is on city bypasses. 

Gov. Eric Holcomb, or any succeeding governor, will have the authority to say what roads are toll roads under the road funding bill passed this year. 

"I don't think it's right to toll bypasses around cities," said Holcomb on Tony Katz and the Morning News on WIBC. "So it could Evansville, Ft. Wayne, Jeffersonville or Indianapolis in terms of 465," he said, describing places where bypasses would not be tolled. 

"This is a process that will take several years," said Kevin Brinegar, with the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce, talking to Inside Indiana Business. "And they will look at where the greatest need is and what revenue is likely to be generated from that segment of highway, and then determine what's the best approach on how to proceed." 

Holcomb said tolls may be essential if Indiana wants more people to invest in the state. 

"We want a fully-funded, sustainable, long-term, very transparent-you go to INDOT's website and you can see what projects we're investing in in 92 counties," said Holcomb. "That provides a lot of not just certainty, but long-term thinking for not just the state, but for potential investors."


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