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Trump Campaign to Rokita: Take Those Yard Signs Down

President Trump's re-election campaign says some of Todd Rokita's yard signs give the impression that the president has given Rokita his endorsement. He hasn't.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The re-election campaign for President Donald Trump has a problem with some of Rep. Todd Rokita's yard signs.

According to the Associated Press, Trump's campaign has demanded Rokita "take down yard signs it says give the false impression the president endorsed the Indiana Republican's Senate bid".

The demand came after Tony Samuel and Rex Early, two leaders of Trump’s 2016 Indiana campaign endorsed, gave Rokita their endorsement last week.

Not long after that, the blue-and-white yard signs started appearing in people’s yards. Large white letters on each sign proclaim, “Endorsed by Trump/Pence.”

The problem is, Rokita doesn’t have the endorsement of President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence; he only has the backing of two volunteers who helped Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Trump’s re-election campaign "is concerned the signs imply an endorsement that has not been made" and is demanding their removal, a campaign official told the AP.

The Rokita campaign has also been asked to "certify in writing once the signs are taken down."

Rokita spokesman Nathan Brand hasn’t said if the signs will be removed, but a recent statement from the campaign included the line, “We do not comment on yard sign strategy.”

Rep. Rokita, a staunch and outspoken supporter of the Trump administration, has not commented on the issue.

(Photo by Tom Williams/Getty Images.)

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