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The Trump Tax Law Will Hurt Hoosiers, Say Lawmakers, Union Leader

The head of the AFL-CIO and two Democrat lawmakers say the raises come with strings and the bonuses are worthless.

INDIANAPOLIS--The Trump tax cuts aren't tickling everyone's fancy, despite a little more money in your check. Ststae Sen. David Niezgodski (D) and state Rep. Karlee Macer (D) were part of a town hall in Indianapolis, on what they say is the "TrumpTax’s disastrous impact on Indiana’s working families". 

The town hall is part of a nationwide tour they say will shed light on the "devastating repercussions of Republican tax breaks for millionaires, billionaires and wealthy corporations at the expense of working families".

Brett Voorhies, a union leader and head of the Indiana AFL-CIO, was also part of the panel.

"I'm gonna be blunt. This bill pisses me off," said Voorhies. "Pres. Trump-what he's done is hustle through a tax plan, along with the GOP, making the American life even more terrible than the way we have it now."

He said he believes the bill will lead to more job outsourcing, less American manufacturing and the weakening of the American economy.

While Republicans have said they believe the new tax law will do the opposite, Niezgodski said during Friday's town hall that the law will help the rich and corporations, and hurt American workers.

"My greatest concern is with all the corporate gifts this tax bill is doing for the rich. It's going to the top one tenth of one percent," he said. "Do people appreciate, those that may be receiving a few extra dollars in their check now? I think that probably feels pretty good. But, do you think that maybe they arranged it that way?"

Niezgodski said he's dubious about the bonuses some companies announced, due to the new tax law.

"The bonuses that they're speaking of-let's take Wal-Mart for instance. They're gonna give you $1,000 bonus. But to get that $1,000 bonus, you've got to work there for 20 years," said Niezgodski.

He also said he believes that rises in healthcare costs will eventually offset the raises in your check due to the tax cuts.

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