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Trump Tax Plan Framework is Good, Says Young in New Video

Indiana's junior senator says more states should look at Indiana and support the plan.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--The tax reform framework that was introduced by Pres. Donald Trump in Indiana several weeks ago may not have the support of Indiana's senior senator yet, but Republican Sen. Todd Young has released a video saying he's supporting the tax plan and encouraging other states to take a look at it.

The video samples some of Young's TV and radio appearances, including an appearance on Neil Cavuto's Fox Business Channel program, and WISH TV in Indianapolis.

“We haven’t seen a significant tax reform in 30 years come out of Washington, D.C.,” said Young. “Hoosiers want tax relief. This framework is going to put more money in the pockets of middle and lower income Hoosiers. The working poor need a tax cut. Middle income Hoosiers need a tax cut.”
“Indiana is the most manufacturing intensive state in the entire country, so the manufacturing jobs that are dependent on lowering taxes, making us more competitive against other countries, and those manufacturing workers who work so hard and want to lead lives of dignity, and purpose, and prosperity depend on this tax cut,” Young said on Fox.

Sen. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat, was wooed by the president and Vice-Pres. Pence, but has been non-committal on the Trump tax plan. He appeared with both men during their visits to Indiana.

PHOTO: Sen. Todd Young

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