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Two Indiana Cities Make A List Of The Safest Drivers

What makes a safe driver? The cities of Fort Wayne and Indianapolis may know.

The latest Allstate 'America’s Best Drivers' report looks at America's 200 largest cities. 

The data uncovered how these cities rank when factors like population size, population density and precipitation are considered. Indianapolis ranks 76th.  Fort Wayne lands at 35th on the list, with the average driver experiencing an auto collision every 10.8 years.

Factors that make up a safe driver include; minimizing distractions, obeying traffic laws and using your car's safety features like turn signals and headlights.

The top honor of “America’s Safest Driving City” goes to Fort Collins, Colorado.  According to the report, the average driver in Fort Collins will experience an auto collision every 14.2 years, which is 29.6 percent less likely than the national average of 10 years.

The report can be found at

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