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Unusually Cold Weather to Hit Indiana Thursday Night

Hoosiers will want to bundle up Friday morning, as wind chills will be in the teens.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The calendar might say early November, but it's about to feel like late January. 

The entire state of Indiana is about to experience cold temperatures on Thursday night and Friday morning. Temperatures that we're not used to for this time of the year, says WISH-TV Meteorologist Marcus Bailey. 

"This is unusually cold for this early in the game," he says. 

An arctic cold front will move through Indiana, which means you'll need to break out the winter coats, gloves, and hats. 

"You'll have lows on Thursday night in the 20s," Bailey says. "But wind chills will easily in the low-teens. I wouldn't be surprised if you see single-digit wind chills heading into Friday morning." That will be more likely for counties in northern Indiana. 

Bailey adds that the weather system will also bring precipitation to the state on Thursday afternoon. The type of precipitation you'll see will depend on where you live -- more snow in northern Indiana, a rain/snow mix in central Indiana, and more rain in southern Indiana. 

The cold air on Thursday night and Friday morning will be just the first wave of up-and-down temperatures. 

Bailey says it will warm back up this weekend, with highs back to normal in the mid-to-upper 40s. 

"But we'll see another blast of arctic air to start next," he said. "Where we're going to be talking about near-record low temperatures for Monday and Tuesday."

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