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Villages of Indiana Aims for 100 New Donors for Giving Tuesday

The organization hopes to build on last year's goal

INDIANAPOLIS--One hundred new donors in one day.  That's the goal set by the team at the Villages of Indiana for Giving Tuesday on November 28. Villages of Indiana is the state's largest not-for-profit child and family services agency providing therapeutic foster care services. 

Giving Tuesday is a global day of charitable giving that began in 2012 fueled mostly by a social media movement to create social good. Giving Tuesday has become a new holiday tradition for many. Last year alone over $168 million was raised for non-profit causes around the world.
Funds raised support The Villages mission to champion every child’s right to a safe, permanent, and nurturing home while enriching their lives. Giving Tuesday donations are designated to support and enrich the lives of children served by The Villages:
·      $15 to sponsor pajamas and teddy bears for foster children.
·      $25 provides a child a new pair of shoes.
·      $50 allows for tutoring services outside of school. 
·      $100 to support a summer camp experience. 
“We’re appreciative to our many donors and supporters who help us fulfill our mission,” says Sharon Pierce, President and CEO of The Villages. “But too many children in Indiana are innocent victims of the opioid crisis. The number of children in need of foster homes has increased to over 29,000, a number that has doubled in the last five years. Not everyone can be a foster parent. That’s why we’ve set this goal to find new donors to help us support our state’s most valuable resource—our children.”


(PHOTO: Villages of Indiana)

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