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WATCH: Endangered Barn Owl Pair Offers Signs Of Species Rebound

The Barn Owls are raising a second brood of chicks in a single mating season, which have DNR biologists optimistic for the endangered species

SOUTHERN INDIANA -- A pair of barn owls are raising a second brood of chicks, unusually late in the nesting season according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. 

Allisyn Gillet, a nongame bird biologist with the Indiana DNR, says the fact that the pair is raising more chicks is a good sign for barn owls, since they are an endangered species in Indiana.

“The survival of the chicks will depend on food availability over the next few weeks,” Gillet said. “There must be enough prey to feed both adults and chicks in order to have a successful second nest.”

The pair is hunkered down inside a built in nest box in a metal pole barn in southern Indiana with a DNR nest cam attached to it so you can observe. 

Gillet says the mother owl laid this second clutch of eggs in late September, which is just within the standard barn owl breeding season from March to October. But this year was the first time this pair laid eggs that late while on the nest cam.

Barn Owls were once prominent in the Midwest living in hollow trees but also wooden barns while hunting nearby pastures and grasslands. Now, wooden barns are all but obsolete and few modern farms offer the land barn owls need to hunt. 

You can watch the pair of barn owls on the DNR nest cam here.

(PHOTO: Mark Newman/Getty Images)

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