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"We Were Lucky": Evansville Police After Attack on Cops

A man shot at police with a rifle and a shotgun last week. He died after they shot him, and they may never know why he attacked.

EVANSVILLE, Ind.--The man police shot and killed Friday in Evansville was apparently targeting police, and ended up in a shootout with them, said police in a news conference Tuesday. He put at least a dozen bullet holes in patrol cars during the 40 minute incident.

"Somehow we managed to get through this without any officers being injured," said Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Barry Freeman was shot twice in the chest and died Sunday. Cullum said he killed a neighbor who was trying to warn people to get inside. Freeman may have believed Jeffrey Kempf was a police officer.

"We had multiple officers during that barrage of gunfire that had rounds impact near them on the ground, on the buildings nearby," said Cullum. "At least two of them said they could actually feel the wind as those bullets went past their head.

Freeman was armed with a shotgun and an AR-15. Body cam and video surveillance footage shows the attack on officers, which police haven't been able to explain and may not be able to because Freeman is dead. He had had an argument with a family member earlier that night.

"The amount of rounds that were fired, when you look at no injuries and no deaths, there's really no way to explain it...other than we were lucky," said Cullum.

Freeman may have had military experience. Whether he was on drugs or had been drinking could take weeks to determine from a toxicology test.

PHOTO: Evansville PD

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