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Who Killed Kennedy? Meet The Hoosier Who Knew Oswald

Judith Vary Baker says Oswald was posing as a communist and was an admirer of Kennedy

Terri Stacey contributed to this story

NEW ORLEANS, La.--Lee Harvey Oswald was only posing as a communist and did not kill Pres. John F. Kennedy, says a Hoosier who wrote a book about her affair with Oswald. Judith Vary Baker's 2010 book "Me and Lee", claims that Oswald was a swell guy, who was actually a fan of Kennedy and once helped save his life. 

Meet Judith Vary Baker and her Lee Oswald

Baker, in an interview with Terri Stacey, said she was 19, and was in New Orleans, working on a project to help cure cancer, when she was recruited by the CIA, to help them with a plan to kill Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. That's when Baker, who was born in South Bend, said she met Oswald, with who she says she later had an affair. 

"Today- he was a communist and all that. He was posing as one. He really protected us in the project that we were involved with," said Baker. "The first time I met him I realized that this was an extraordinary man." 

Baker said she was broken-hearted when Oswald was shot. 

"Open thy ears folks. They used this loyal young man who had to pose as a communist. They used him and abused him. He was one of ours-he was CIA, he was an FBI informant as well, because they could," said Baker, who admits she was anti-Kennedy when she went to work for the CIA. She said Oswald's pro-Kennedy views persuaded her. 

Oswald is killed

Baker said she believes the CIA wanted Oswald dead. 

"They shot him dead after only 47 hours in custody. He was buried the same day as Kennedy. There were 70 police there. He was shot in the presence of 70 police officers. That's the kind of so-called protection he was given." 

Baker said that some of the information about the "truth" of the events surrounding the assassination of Kennedy were in her book, which was published in 2010, and have been out since 1999. But, with the release of more documents this year, she believes some of her viewpoints have been corroborated. 

Kennedy is killed

When asked who she believes actually killed Kennedy, she responded, "Just to give you a hint, with all these other records coming out that they don't want you to look at...there was this general, Charles Cabell, of the CIA. Oh, he hated Kennedy. His life was destroyed because Kennedy forced him to resign. His brother, Earl Cabell, turns out to be the mayor of Dallas, where Kennedy was shot." 

Charles Cabell was the deputy director of the CIA and resigned after the Bay of Pigs invasion. 

"Everybody knew that. But, what they didn't know are new records showing that Earl Cabell, General Charles Cabell's brother, was also CIA," said Baker. "As this all starts to wind down, you start to realize how much power the CIA had." 

Baker said that since her book came out, she has been unable to live in the U.S., because of harassment, describing her life as as "hell on Earth". She said she has lost her career, has been in the hospital numerous times, and now lives in Europe.

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