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Why Buttigieg Believes We Need a Female V.A. Secretary

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--A female Secretary of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs would be appropriate because women in the military have been neglected, said South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a Democrat candidate for president. He said he'd like to see a woman nominated for the post if he's elected. 

Buttigieg said he believes a woman would bring perspective to the job, and said women have had to endure sexual harassment and that women's health issues should be addressed, as well.

He said Monday, releasing a 21-page plan, that he believes the president's record on veteran's affairs and taking care of the 20 million veterans across the country, has not been good. 

"The women and men who come home from war are not unblemished heroes or broken souls. They are people. They are us," said Buttigieg, in a Veterans Day address, on a four-day visit to New Hampshire, a state he needs to win to be effective in the primary race.

"They are our our fellow citizens who asked to be viewed neither as heroes or as victims, but as fellow citizens who deserve to be cared for with the care that they've earned, and wish for the chance to continue to serve to belong to the life of their community."

Buttigieg called for the government to take better care of former service members.

"It is the responsibility not only of the government, but all of us to realize that full potential of those who served right here at home," he said.

PHOTO: Pete Buttigieg on Twitter

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