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Why a Chimney Inspection in the Spring Could Save Money and Heartache

An Indy chimney company says you could be doing a few things to make sure you don't have to replace drywall and wood.

INDIANAPOLIS--You may be saving yourself a lot of heartache and money if you get your chimney inspected. You might not normally think about getting the chimney and fireplace inspected in the spring. But, Chris Cox, with Chimney Solutions Indiana, said there are good reasons to get it done.

"Not only is it a great time to get your chimney cleaned after the burning season, just to make sure everything is still functioning properly. But, we get a lot of rain in the spring obviously, and chimneys are notorious for leaks," said Cox.

He said water leaks can damage the drywall and can be the cause of a constant, annoying drip sound coming from the fireplace.

"There are a lot of leaks that can come from the flashing. But, a lot of times it's actually coming from the top of the chimney, from what we would call the crown of a masonry chimney or a chase cover or a lid like a chimney cap on top."

He said sometimes the covers will sag and hold water and rust. That can end up costing you a lot of money.

"We see a lot of rotten wood in attics and that all results from leaks that people let persist," said Cox.

He said when his company inspects a chimney, they inspect everything from the roof to the basement, to make sure they see your whole chimney and fireplace.

He recommends that you get your whole system inspected at least once a year, if you have a fireplace, and that you practice preventive maintenance, like using water repellant or making sure your chimney caps are installed properly.

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