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Why the State is All About Hardwood

Indiana is sinking some money into promoting the hardwood industry. The average wage is $66,000 per year.

STATE WIDE--The state's hardwood industry could provide many more jobs, if the state invests it, said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch. Last week, the state announced it will help promote the hardwood industry to add to the $10 billion per year it already generates in the state.

The plans include strengthening Indiana’s existing hardwoods industry by expanding current processing, attracting new companies to the state, educating consumers and businesses on the sustainability of the hardwoods industry, reducing leakages and developing an ongoing campaign to promote the value of hardwoods, said a news release from the state.

The average wage for someone in the hardwood industry is $66,000 per year.

Hardwood is harvested in both southern and northern Indiana. The value of Indiana’s hardwood exports totaled more than $250 million in 2017, with Canada and China serving as the state’s top two markets. 

“Indiana is renowned for producing high quality hardwood timber, yet more than $230 million of sawmill products are coming from outside the state,” said Crouch. “With demand there and our robust, sustainable forest resource base, we want to provide that supply chain link and help capture some of that economic activity in Indiana.”

For every 10 jobs in the hardwood industry, 8 more are generated in places like sawmills and plants that use the products.

PHOTO: Indiana DNR

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