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Why There Are Four Voting Lawsuits by the Indiana NAACP

The NAACP has sued for four different reasons. Defendants include the Secretary of State's office.

STATE WIDE-Several lawsuits have been filed by the NAACP in Indiana. Four of those are about voting issues, said state president Barbara Bolling-Williams, at a news conference this week. 

One of the lawsuits challenges the way early voting sites are selected. Williams said that is because in Marion County, where she says there are over 700,000 voters, there is only one early voting site, the City-County Building, in Indianapolis.

Williams said the decision not to have more sites can be overturned by just one person on the county election commission.

"I live in Lake County, Indiana. We have probably 200,000 people. We had 14 early voting sites this last election cycle," said Williams.

She said another lawsuit is aimed at a law passed by the general assembly this year which forces consolidation of voting precincts with less than 600 voters, but only in Lake County. Williams said it primarily affects cities with large minority populations-Gary, Hammond and East Chicago.

"You do the math and you explain to me why Lake County was targeted for this law."

Williams said a third lawsuit is aimed at the state Secretary of State's office. She said the Pence-Koback voting commission authorizes the states to release certain sensitive voter info, which is protected under Indiana law.

"And so we are telling our secretary of state, through the lawsuit, not to violate Indiana law," said Williams.

She said the fourth lawsuit is aimed at the state's system of purging voter rolls.

"A person with the name Sam Jones, whose registered in Indiana, could have the same name Same Jones in Ohio, and they'll get purged from the roles, without any further investigation."

The NAACP is having their state convention in Indianapolis this weekend.

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