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Will Power Sees His Face on the Borg-Warner Trophy

He won the Indy 500. Now he's open to passing the trade to his son.

SPEEDWAY, Ind.--Will Power saw his face on the Borg-Warner trophy for the first time Wednesday evening during a ceremony at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

"I keep getting these friendly reminders that I won the Indianapolis 500," said Power, talking to WISH TV. "This is an epic event to see your face on the Borg-Warner trophy amongst all these legends."

The trophy is made of silver and the face of each winner is added to the trophy after it's etched by sculptor William Behrends.

“His eyes are one of the distinct things about him,” Behrends said in a news release from IndyCar. “It’s his look, those intense eyes. I certainly did spend time trying to represent those well. It was part of what I was focused on.”

"When you think about how Will Behrends has to do this, he does it by hand. It's not a mold. He sculpts that with a chisel. It's a pretty amazing job. Very amazing," said Power. 

Power said he's open to teaching his young son the trade, if he wants to learn. He's pround that his son and family were able to see him win.

"It's something that I feel really good about that he can say that his father won the Indianapolis 500 and he'll be able to look at my face on that legendary trophy," said Power.

The trophy is over five ft. tal, 110 lbs., and is worth $3.5 million.

PHOTO: Chris Owen/IMS Media

Charlie Cliffor with WISH-TV contributed to this story.

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