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Will Your Child Have to Do More to Graduate?

The State Board of Education will vote Wednesday on recommended changes to high school graduation requirements.

STATEWIDE -- A large number of public school superintendents are asking the State Board of Education on Wednesday to vote against recommended changes to high school graduation requirements. 

The proposal from the Graduation Pathways Panel says students would have to complete coursework, demonstrate employability skills through service or work projects, and show they're post-secondary ready through exams including the SAT and ACT.

Governor Eric Holcomb told WOWO News in Fort Wayne that the goal of the proposal is to make sure students know what they're doing when they leave high school. 

Holcomb says the plan, if approved, will be phased in "gradually". 

Opponents say the requirements are too strict and discriminate against poor and special education students. Holcomb says he hears those that everyone will have "room at the table" to give input on the plan's execution, should it be approved.

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