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Woman will serve 20 years for leaving her newborn in a trash can at work

Briana Holland's co-workers saved the baby's life in August 2014

Briana Holland (image courtesy of IMPD)

A woman will serve 20 years in prison for abandoning her newborn son in a restroom trash can in an attempt to hide the fact that she had given birth.

Briana Holland, 23, was given a 30-year sentence, with 20 of the years to be served at the Department of Correction. Holland pleaded guilty to an attempted murder charge for leaving her son in a trash can in August 2014 at United Technology Carrier Corporation, where she worked at the time.  A co-worker discovered the baby and revived him - the boy has since been in protective custody. “The 30 year sentence with 20 years served in prison reflects the significance of the choice that Ms. Holland made to take a healthy newborn child and leave him in a trash can to die,” said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry in a statement emailed by his office.

Holland told police she left the baby in the trash can because she didn't know what to do with him, even though she could have surrendered the baby under Indiana's Safe Haven law.  The law allows unwanted babies to be given up with no questions asked at a hospital, fire station or police station.  “In this case, a fire station was located across the street from where the child was born and abandoned,” said Curry.

The Safe Haven Hotline is 1-877-796-HOPE (4673), or 2-1-1. More information on the law is available on the National Safe Haven Alliance website at


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