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Woman's Radio Ad Tells Politicians to "Stop It" With Negative Ads

The woman spent money just to tell them to shut up.

BRAZIL, Ind.--You see the political ads every time you turn on the TV or go on YouTube. A woman from Brazil, Indiana, has had enough. She went to her local radio station, WAMB, and bought ads to tell the politicians to shut up. 

Linda Messmer said in the ad that she's not a politician.

LINK: The article on WAMB's website and the audio of the ad

"I'm not running for any office. I am sick and tired of being bombarded with all the negative, hateful, mean-spirited ads," she said.

Messmer had one piece of advice for the politicians, none of whom she named.

"To all the candidates who are running these kinds of ads, I say, stop it!" 

Messmer said she’s voted all her life and tries to stay informed, but she’s fed up. Messmer’s ads are currently running on DLC Media Radio Station WAMB in Brazil and other stations in Clay and Parke Counties. 

WAMB contributed to this story.

PHOTO: Courtesy WAMB

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