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"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out."

Senate votes to ban eyeball tattooing; ophthalmologists say practice can cost you your eyesight

(INDIANAPOLIS) - The Senate has voted to ban eyeball tattoos.

Indianapolis Republican John Ruckelshaus says he agrees with descriptions of the bill as "the grossest of the session," and he should know -- he wrote it. But he says he authored it at the suggestion of the president of the Indiana Ophthalmology Association. He says injecting color or designs into the white of your eye is dangerous. It hasn't caused any harm in Indiana yet, but Ruckelshaus says there have been cases in other states of people losing their eyesight. 

Ruckelshaus says sticking a needle in your eye carries an inherent risk of infection.

The bill allows a doctor to do it, but Ruckelshaus says that would never happen. Anyone else could be fined up to 10-thousand dollars. 

The bill passed 42-5. It'll go to the House next month.

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