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Young Warns of "Anxiety" Over China Tariffs

Senator says goal of punishing China for trade abuses is sound, but strategy to achieve it isn't the best approach

(INDIANAPOLIS) - The U.S. says it's going ahead with a fresh round of tariffs on China. Indiana Senator Todd Young says he has concerns about that plan:

Young says he agrees with President Trump's goal of cracking down on unfair Chinese trade practices. He says China should be held accountable for predatory pricing and stealing American patents and copyrights. But Young says he's passed along to the White House his "anxiety" about problems for Hoosier farmers and businesses stemming from the tit-for-tat trade war. He says a better approach would have been to join forces with the European Union and use Western countries' combined economic weight to press China to change its behavior.

Young says the U.S. shouldn't have illusions China will completely cease predatory activity, but says a united front with Europe would mean improvements.

Young introduced a bill in April to require a written "economic security strategy," similar to a current requirement for national security. Even if some of it ends up classified, Young says it would provide clarity to the U.S. and trading rivals about how America will respond to unfair trade practices.

Young also supported an unsuccessful attempt to let Congress review the "national security" designations which now allow the White House to impose tariffs without congressional input.

Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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