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Your First Look at the 2020 Census Could Come From Your Kids

Kids are being taught that data is coll, in the hopes that parents will fill out the forms.

STATE WIDE--Some of the money your child's school could get will be determined by the census count next year. So, you're being asked to fill out the form. And, the Census Bureau is asking teachers to teach students that data is cool, so they'll go home and encourage their parents to fill out the forms.

"The representation that your state will get is based on the population numbers. So, we want to be as accurate as possible," said Victoria Glasier, with the Census Bureau, who heads up the Statistics in School program.

Indiana has nine Congressional districts. If the population decreases, or the count is not accurate, the state could lose one of those districts.

"The funding that gets distributed, things like schools and hospitals and school programs, all will receive funding based on census numbers."

She said that's why it's important to encourage people to fill out the forms, and why your kids will be learning about it in school.

"You can learn like how many other eight-year-olds, or how many amusement parks or dentist offices, and compare that to other states, and then over time," said Glasier. "With each activity there's a little take home message to share with your family about, what I learned today about the census and why it's important to fill out that form."

Glasier said you can fill out the form completely online this time, for the first time. If you don't fill out the forms, you can still expect a visit from census takers.

She said the citizenship question will not be a part of the 2020 census and people should feel safe filling it out.


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