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Your Pets and the Cold: Beyond Just Bringing Them Inside

IndyHumane says you should get ahead of the weather and get your pet a wellness check.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.--Bringing your pets inside during cold weather may not be enough to give them all the protection they need. With Indiana dealing with extraordinary cold, Kristen McGuire, with IndyHumane, says you also need to take your pet to the vet.

"Those wellness checks are really important," she said. "I know we talk a lot about babies and elderly people in the cold, and how to care for them. It goes the same for animals. So, really young and really old animals can be more susceptible to the winter weather."

McGuire told RTV6 that animals with certain conditions can also be at greater risk of the cold giving them potentially life-threatening problems.

"Just knowing if your pet has any medical conditions that could compound that winter weather. So, any kind of heart murmurs or diabetes or anything like that, could certainly put them at a greater risk."

That's why McGuire said it's best to know ahead of time about any conditions your pet might have.

The ordinance about bringing them in

Some cities, like Indianapolis, have ordinances requiring you to bring the pets inside if it gets too cold. McGuire said that while those ordinances can be good, they don't solve the problem of why the pets are outside in the first place, when it's too cold or too hot.

"Is it because you don't have a house to bring them into? Well, we can work on that," said McGuire. She said groups are working on making sure that no dog or cat, or any pet, is left outside to freeze.

"Let's solve for why they're outside, as opposed to just pointing to the pointing to the ordinances."

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