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You've Got Mail, Maybe Scams Too

The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office has you covered.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Check your mail very carefully, as there may be a scam hidden within.

Director and Chief Counsel of Consumer Protection Betsy DeNardi is warning Hoosiers to watch out for these types of scams. 

She says it's an old concept that's becoming more prevalent, as her office has been receiving more calls related to mail scams lately. 

DeNardi says these emails will look like they're coming from the government or a reputable business, but in reality they come from companies and scammers trying to get you to pay more than you need to.

Scam mail will sometimes make claims that you are eligible for something related to your mortgage or home. 

Some are specific to people who own businesses. The scams will ask you to file things related to what you would file at the Secretary of State's office. 

DeNardi says if you have questions about whether or not some mail you received is legitimate, contact the local or state agency to verify.

You can also contact the Consumer Protection Division at (317)232-6330. 

(Photo by: Justin Sullivan)

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