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Zionsville Cracks Down on Tobacco, Vaping in Public Places

The Town Council voted Monday night to update its existing ban on cigars, cigarettes, and pipes.

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. -- Zionsville is cracking down on vaping in public places.

The Town Council on Monday night passed an amendment to the town's smoking ordinance that bans tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vaping in in parks, public spaces, and workplaces.

The newly-amended ban extends all municipal property owned or leased by the Town or the Zionsville Board of Parks and Recreation. 

Zionsville's original smoking ordinance already bans the use of cigars, cigarettes and pipes in such places.

Mayor Tim Haak said in a statement that the updated ordinance will "protect the public health" of people in Zionsville's buildings, restaurants, and parks.

(Photo by Mauro Grigollo/Thinkstock.)

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