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Hurricane Dorian Stalls Over The Bahamas

The storm has weakened to a Category 3, but still has sustained winds topping out at 120 miles per hour.


MIAMI, Florida. -- At least five people in the Bahamas are dead after Hurricane Dorian devastated the country. 

The storm, now downgraded to a category three, has stalled over the islands for the past day, with damaging wind gusts and flooding. 

Dorian is still stalled near Grand Bahama Island but is forecast to swing north along the Florida coast toward Georgia and the Carolinas. Hurricane warnings and evacuations have been ordered in coastal counties along the projected storm track. 

Forecasters at NOAA's National Hurricane Center in Miami are less convinced that the storm will make landfall in the U.S. According to the Associated Press, meteorologists say the storm is nearly stopped over the Bahamas because the atmopshere is too calm for it to move faster.

More that 1,200 flights have been cancelled because of the storm. 

About 80 of Indiana's best search and rescue crew members are on the ground in Florida with Indiana's Task Force 1, waiting to respond.

(PHOTO: NOAA Handout/Getty Images)

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