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Paul Ryan: Trump Won't Sign Short-Term Spending Bill

House Speaker Ryan says Trump won't sign the bill until funding for border security is included.

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul Ryan says President Trump will not sign a short-term spending bill that would avert a partial government shutdown. 

The Senate passed the bill Wednesday night and the measure was on the House calendar today. 

After meeting with Trump at the White House today, Ryan said Trump is "legitimately concerned" about border security.  He said the House will start working on a spending bill with border security. 

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said America is asking for border security.  He expressed optimism about crafting a bill and getting it through the House and Senate before funding runs out.

One-quarter of the federal government will run out of money Friday at midnight.

Indiana's Rep. Jim Banks said earlier today he would vote against the measure. Click here to read more about his stance.

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