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Pence Visits Michigan To Talk USMCA Deal

The Vice President spoke to auto workers at Motor City Solutions in Taylor, Mich.

TAYLOR, Mich. -- Vice President Mike Pence was in Michigan on Wednesday to drum up support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal. 

"Our priority now is to have Congress approve the USMCA," Pence said. "Once we address the inequalities that existed under NAFTA, we’ll give due consideration to other tariffs that have been imposed. But the priority right now is to get USMCA approved by Congress and have Canada and Mexico approve it."

Pence added that the agreement would be good financially for auto workers and the rest of the country.

"Just last week, the United States Trade representative released a study that says if the USMCA goes into effect, we can actually expect auto makers to invest an additional $34 billion in our country."

Pence also spent time touring Ford Motor Co.'s plant in Dearborn, Michigan. At the factory where Ford builds a truck every 53 seconds, he stopped at four points along the assembly line where truck bodies meet the chassis, an ergonomic station, and the location where the truck bed is secured to the chassis. 

(Photo: Daniel Mears, Detroit News)

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