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Trump Addresses Country About Border Security

Democrats challenged Trump’s statements about illegal immigrants.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Pres. Donald Trump laid out a plan for border security Tuesday night in a speech to the country on national TV and radio.

Trump called on Democrats in Congress to fund border security, citing statistics on illegal immigration, drugs coming across the border and gang violence originating on the other side of the southern border.

Democrat leadership challenged Trump after his speech.

“The criminals and drugs that are flowing across our southern border and into America have a devastating effect on our communities. Last year, 1.7 million pounds of narcotics entered through our southern border, and each day more than 100 Americans are killed in drug related overdoses,” said Rep. Dr. Larry Bucshon, reacting to Trump’s speech.

“Americans on Main Street understand this crisis and its impacts on their communities – even those far away from the border – and they want their elected officials to solve it.  That is why we must provide the resources necessary to secure our southern border with physical barriers, improved technology, and well qualified personnel.  We also need to fix our nation’s broken legal immigration system.  The American people voted for a divided government, not a government that is unwilling to work together to ensure our national security. I urge my Democrat colleagues in the House and the Senate to put their constituents’ needs before their own political aspirations and come to the table to work with President Trump and Republicans in Congress to secure our nation,” said Bucshon.

The government shutdown is on day 18, as of Tuesday.

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