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Trump, Congress Agree To Reopen Government For Three Weeks; No Border Wall Money

A new deal will reopen the government fully for three-weeks while Congress and the White House negotiate a plan on border security.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Trump says terms have been reached on a spending deal to end the partial government shutdown that's lasted for more than a month. 

At the White House today, Trump praised government employees for enduring great hardships.  If Congress agrees, the deal would end the partial government shutdown for now. 

The deal would allow affected government workers to get back to work and set the stage for serious negotiations with congressional leaders on a longterm spending deal.  Furloughed employees would get back pay.  

The deal does not include money for a massive border wall.  Trump said he will still attempt to get funding to help build a wall.  He added, "walls work" and called it common sense. 

The shutdown started on December 22nd when one-quarter of the federal government ran out of money. 

Trump prompted the shutdown by demanding several billion dollars to help build the wall.  Democrats rejected the demand. 

The shutdown has affected roughly 800-thousand federal employees and tens of thousands of government contractors.  It is the longest shutdown in U.S. government history.  

(PHOTO: Will McNamee/Getty Images)

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