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Trump Impeached for a Second Time, Hoosier Vote on Party Lines

WASHINGTON–Pres. Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time on a vote of 232 to 197 in the U.S. House. The charge is incitement to insurrection, over last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol. The next step in the process is for the article of impeachment to be delivered to the Senate and for the Senate to try the president.

The vote by Hoosiers was split by party. Representatives Andre’ Carson and Frank Mrvan voted in favor of impeachment.

All Hoosier Republican reps votes against it, including Jackie Walorski, Jim Baird, Jim Banks, Trey Hollingsworth, Larry BucshonVictoria Spartz and Greg Pence.

“It was a sad but necessary duty today to vote to impeach the president, again. But I swore an oath to protect and defend our Constitution, and our Democracy. That means Donald Trump must be removed from office before he does more damage, or more lives are endangered, or lost,” said Carson.

“It is encouraging the vote to impeach today was a bipartisan majority of the People’s House, it encouraged me to see some of my Republican colleagues stand up and do the right thing for country.”

Ten Republicans sided with Democrats in the vote.

“Unfortunately, some of those who voted against impeachment today, justified their failure to act by saying it would cause more division. But they deliberately ignore the division enflamed by Donald Trump and their blind fealty to his baseless claims of election fraud,” said Carson.

Bucshon said in a statement released shortly after the vote that he believes a vote to impeach would cause more division, the sentiment directly criticized by Carson.

“As of today, President Trump has one week left in his administration. Given the great division that exists in our nation, we need healing and a renewed sense of unity. A partisan impeachment is the last thing that our nation needs at this time – which is why I could not support it,” said Bucshon.

“Furthermore, impeachment is an extraordinary power that should be wielded by the House as part of a deliberate process involving committee consideration with witnesses and due process protections for the subject of impeachment – and this impeachment was neither deliberate nor the result of any process,” he said.


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